Developing Intuitive Drawing

My intention here in this blog, is to document my progress in developing the abilities I have for intuitive drawing and painting.  "Development"  means interpreting the figures and symbols that come automatically. My friend and highly gifted Britsh medium, Elsie Poynton, says this about mediumship: it is not getting the connection that's difficult, but interpreting the messages  received.


I have noticed that whenever I find myself in a total fog and disoriented whlist sketching, exactly THAT set of lines, that form, so randomly drawn in deep trance moments, indicates the key symbol or most important message in the issue being illustrated.




For instance, my daughter was looking for an apartment + came across the perfect offer on the internet. Wanting to know more, I picked up pencil and paper, started sketching the outline of a building and got into "the ZONE". My pencil separated the paper into rooms (imagine a dollhouse) as I slipped and fell even deeper into the ZONE, loosing control.


My first reaction as I slip so deeply into mental pergatory is panic. Oopps, I'm loosing track of what I'm doing.... I'm drawing rubbish.... Sylvia!!!CONCENTRATE!!!


The moment passes.


in the "bedroom" I'd drawn two attached circles and a line extending from between them..........


intuitive drawing crop
intuitive drawing crop



Upon looking at the form I was embarassed ... looks like a p*nis....what the heck am I drawing???


The answer came quickly, like a lightening flash. "she's being screwed.."....

and, just as quickly, so quickly, it's hardly discernable, I clamp down on it and start intellectualizing. I remember the owner's sad story about the accident + that she couldn't join her husband in the consequent move, etc, and start interpreting..... she's having to let go of the wonderful romantic times in that apartment, etc etc bla bla bla....




My very first impression, that my daughter was being cheated was absolutely correct, as we very soon discovered!





L E T   G O













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