What the heck kind of name is Atelier-es2?


my initials. one E. two S's.

Who am I?



As an artist, the focus of my visual expression has been internal, reflecting in my creations a semblance of the psychological and spiritual processes currently happening in my life. It’s not for a lack of political or moral opinions to visually comment on, but more of a choice to look inward, to work on and focus on being the change I want to see in the world. I choose to evolve personally instead of expecting the world to change, to encourage, challenge and inspire instead of criticize. I endeavor to share my explorations into greater awareness in my work, especially recently in simple interactive installations.


As for technical process, there is nothing I love more than large scale projects. A hundred drawings, long scrolls to draw on, huge spacious rooms to exhibit in. I vary techniques, from the complexities of printmaking to painting, and then veering off to ancient crafts of sewing or bookbinding. Whatever works. I take my time. It can take months to finish a single piece or a small series.


You won’t find me often in competitions, or large scale festivals, tending more to the hermetical lifestyle whenever possible, and now, a crone, is the perfect time to live that tendency. 


More about me here.

sylvia eichmann            atelier es2         artworks studio 109             310 n. railroad ave.    loveland, co 80537    u.s.a.            +1(970)646-8714