Sylvia Eichmann-Sueess 

Artist, Intuitive, Photographer, Hypnotist, SoulCollage®Facilitator


Swiss, born and raised in the USA,  an artist since kindergarten, my more formal professional life could be split it into three major careers: the first, during my teens and early adult life in the hotel and restaurant business, the second in multinational corporate human resources, and finally in visual arts and states of consciousness.


As an artist, I am particularly advantaged to have studied various techniques with working artists and specialist schools in USA, Europe and Asia. For instance, during my years in Tokyo, I attended the renown Yoshida Hanga (woodblock printing) Academy, and was a prize-winning member of the National Dragon Association of Calligraphy, under the wing of Mori Sensai. 


I was lucky to have studied photography under Tim Porter as a member of his Naked Tokyo group in the 1990's. During that time, I was an active member of Tokyo's Genkan Gallery comittee and Curator for fund-raising exhibits on behalf of the Swaminathan Foundation. Under the tutelage of Diane Longley in Australia, and the OFS Group in Switzerland, I became proficient in photogravure printmaking. 


Intuitive abilities used in Soul Portraiture was obtained after a near-death experience in 1974, refined and developed since then with guidance from numerous teachers, with special mention to Elsie Poynton from the UK, Annemarie Horak in the Canary Islands, and Mariabruna Sirabella of SOTO in Italy.


SoulCollage® brings together a few of my most important interests: creativity, the Ah-ha moment, intuitive reading and journaling, and, especially, the ability to access inner wisdom. Trained by Seena Frost in 2011, I find my own personal SoulCollage® practice to be a cornerstone of my life.


As consultant and therapist, my most helpful experience comes from years of therapy as a depressed client myself, as well as working on an international Helpline and with my friend, Paula Bottome (a student of Fritz and Laura Pearls), in Gestalt Therapy during the years preceeding her death in 2003.  My Hypnosis education comes primarily from the USA National Guild of Hypnotists.


Links to mentors and organizations mentioned above can be found here, and a CV in standard format here.


I am mother to three, grandmother to two, of the greatest people in the world. For this,  I am most profoundly grateful.

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