Freestyle 2009
Freestyle 2009

Key into your own intuitive ability.


In these sessions, our aim is to achieve the state of inner peace and intense concentration needed to paint a large scroll of calligraphy in the Japanese/Chinese style. The frame of mind in which this is done is a trance state, and more often than not, you will be surprised at the symbolism you've drawn or the how the process has affected you.


These will not be classes about learning the kanji characters themselves, but about the philosophy behind the discipline of shödo (Japanese brush writing), and the awareness needed in those few moments of creating dark black lines on pristine delicate papers.


Come for a single 1.5 hour session and learn the very basics of this oriental art and have a try with the brush, or come several times to create a proper fine artwork.


Sessions will be a strong support to any new undertaking in life, or if you are already studying calligraphy, drawing, or doing any type of artwork, giving new understanding and depth to your endeavors.


A 1.5 hour private session is Sfr 150, which includes art materials.

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After studying Calligraphy for three years as sole foreigner in the Dragon Association of Japan, I received second prize in Tokyo's 1994 annual national exhibition .

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