Wishful thinking. The pot at the end of the rainbow is a growth process and needs time to ripen. Don't give up, but do be patient.



Whichever way you look. When there seems to be barriers all around you and you feel trapped ... STOP. Wait. Comfort yourself. Assistance will come.


Walls. Sometimes, there is too much junk between you to fix. Not all relationships are meant to last forever.


Sunshine and the Ah-ha moment. Nurture a spiritual practice. Allow inspiration and the Ah-ha moment to be a part of your daily life.



Steps. One thing after another. One step at a time. Think short-term and the complete picture will develop.


Steady yourself. Grit your teeth over dangerous waters. Hold on to your ideas and beliefs, they will get you through.


Signs. Messages from above. Messages from below. Super-impose them, squint your eyes and you will find a useful pattern.





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