Spiritual Development as Play
Spiritual Development as Play


The creative process is magic.


One old belief has it that artists are closer to God than other mortals. Although this is not especially true, there are special side effects of creativity that are inspirational, therapeutic and healing. Experience yourself, come into the creative "zone", and take a mini-vacation in my Atelier. 


Let's have fun. Creativity will facilitate your growth and accompany you with culture and beauty on your life path.


An emotionally charged situation can be quickly neutralized by an understanding of our own or other's reactions. This sudden lighting of the dark, this change of perception, this new awareness is what I call enlightenment, and it is the goal of our session.


Customised to your needs, we can work with collage, ink and brush, hypnosis or intuitive, automatic artwork, or a combination of them to achieve this new state of being.


More details are found in the subtitles of this section.


If you're interested to look at yourself, or a particular life issue in this way, contact me for an appointnment.






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